Olli Maatta likes LA Kings playoff chances in 2021 season

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LA Kings Olli Maatta
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LA Kings defenseman Olli Maatta was asked if he’s played with anyone similar to Drew Doughty.

On if there’s any advantage playing with Drew (Doughty) versus someone he’s unfamiliar with

I think that’s a tough one. I guess it kind of gives you gives the idea of what to expect, what to get ready for. But I don’t know how much different would it be than last summer going to Chicago and not sure who I will be playing with. So it’s like…I don’t really know how to how to think about that.

On how the LA Kings stack up in the West Division

I feel good. Honestly, I do. I think there’s a great chance here. Four teams make the playoffs. I think that definitely has to be our goal. And I think we can for sure do it. There’s a lot of good teams in it. There’s not going to be easy games, but I think we’re a good team. I really do.

On whether time zones will play a factor this year

I actually haven’t looked at the first month of a schedule. I haven’t looked at the rest of it that closely. So I don’t know how the travel goes on, but it’ll be definitely interesting to see when you lose or gain a couple of hours, how’s that gonna affect you. But honestly, I think most guys know how to handle it.

I wouldn’t think it would be such a big difference, but you never know. I mean, this season obviously the NHL did a great job. Everybody’s just excited to get back to playing obviously. It’s not good, not normal, and it is what it is, but I think we’re excited to play.

On moving cities during a pandemic

I think the house hunting was a little different than I am used to. Last summer, I went to Chicago pretty early and I was able to go look around at places nice and early and get settled. And this year is obviously a little different.

I’m staying home just for the COVID reasons, just making sure of what’s happening, and in which country, so that was definitely one of the things. But other than that, I think things went pretty well. I don’t think it really affected me too much. I think I’ve got settled in nicely here.