2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Prediction Round 2

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As the 1st Round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs comes to a close, we take an in-depth look at the 2nd round. NHL fans around the world surely weren’t disappointed, as we took witness to an exciting and frantic 1st round. If you wanted goaltending controversies you got it with Ottawa, Chicago, and Vancouver. Whether you were looking for a high scoring affair or a 2-1 game, you got it all. Now we go from 16 to 8, further separating the pretenders from the contenders. The biggest elimination being the St. Louis Blues, busting brackets everywhere (including mine). Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the actual results and my predicted results.

Round 2 Playoff Schedule

Round 1 Predictions:                                                                      Round 1 Results:

Blues in 6                                                                                           Wild in 7

Hawks in 6                                                                                        Hawks in 6

Ducks in 5                                                                                          Ducks in 4

Canucks in 7                                                                                      Flames in 6

Canadiens in 7                                                                                  Canadiens in 6

Lightning in 5                                                                                    Lightning in 7

Rangers in 5                                                                                     Rangers in 5

Capitals in 7                                                                                     Capitals in 7    

Overall Record: 6-2

Perfect Calls: 3