Los Angeles Kings Missed Out on Evander Kane


Remember when I kept going on and on about how the L.A. Kings should go after Evander Kane? Well, if you’ve been following the news lately, he’s no longer an option. He has just been traded to Buffalo along with Zach Bogosian for a first round pick in the next draft.

Now I’m kind of kicking myself because I thought Evander Kane would be worth a lot more than that, but because of his recent shoulder injury and his attitude, the Jets just wanted him gone. Kind of upsetting knowing that the Kings could have gotten more than just Kane for a first rounder.

Things happen, and teams miss out on players all the time, however, a lot of people are saying that the Los Angeles Kings missing out on Kane is no big deal. However, I beg to differ. Evander Kane is young, and he has so much potential to be one of the best in the NHL (go ahead and argue with me in the comments below) and he has the potential to be one of the Kings most productive forwards.

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Of course, this is all “what could have been” but it’s important to realize what the Kings missed out on. A talented player who already has a 30 goal season under his belt who looks like he could do it again if you put playmakers around him, such as Anze Kopitar. Of course, I wouldn’t expect Kane to be playing at the same level of Kopitar for some time, but it’s still good to know that he would have been around people who could help him succeed.

His attitude? Ha! No big deal in Los Angeles. The Kings would have put Kane in his place before he even entered the locker room. The Kings are tight-knit group of players who play as one. Kane would have learned a lot by being in a Kings uniform, and I don’t think that he’ll get much better at Buffalo, however, I could always be wrong.

Evander Kane is a player that shows promise, and the Buffalo Sabres got a really good deal for him by only having to give up their first round pick. They got Zach Bogosian and not just Kane, so the deal was a blockbuster.

“I’m not worried”, was what Terry Pegula, owner of the Sabres, said after being questioned. And why should he be? Give Kane a bigger role, and surround him with a positive environment and trust me. He’ll thrive.

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