Kings Place Mike Richards on Waivers


Earlier today, the Kings let go of the center to fix their salary cap woes. I know that I had previously written an article based around Mike Richards, and the possibility of him being involved in a trade to not only fix the salary cap problems that the Kings have been facing. I even brought up the possibility of the Kings bringing in Evander Kane for Richards and a first rounder. But all of that really means nothing now that Mike Richards has been placed on waivers.

There is a possibility that Richards could clear waivers, and just get sent down to Manchester in the AHL. But that’s just a $925,000 cap relief, which isn’t what the Kings are looking for. Richards still carries a cap hit of $5.75 million for the next five seasons, and the Kings are looking for more relief than a paltry $925,000. But we’re sure that Richards will be claimed, likely by a team that was hoping to trade for him.

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Richards has seen production declines within the past few years. Last year, Richards put up 32 points in 48 games played. This season, Richards only has 15 points in 47 games played. Not only will he not reach the  points he did last year, but he’s not even close to that number. Ever since he joined the LA Kings, his numbers have never truly been up to par as they were when he played with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Over the course of five seasons with the Flyers, Richards amassed 349 points. In three season with the Kings, Richards has only amassed 117 points. Not playing up to his regular numbers, and simply becoming a salary cap burden to the Kings. Yes, Richards has to go, but I’m sure nobody thought it would end like this. It’s quite shocking to hear that the Kings would put Richards on waivers. But rumor does have it (don’t we all love rumors?) that over the weekend, the Kings were in the middle of trade discussions, and the last one broke down last night. Sounds like it lead the Kings to believe that there are no other options, and that waivers was the only way to go.

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  • So what does this mean for the LA Kings organization? They need to find someone to replace Richards, and that’s probably going to end up being Nick Shore, who was just recently sent back down to Manchester after the Kings loss to San Jose, just before the All Star break. Shore has 42 points in 38 games played with the Monarchs this season. Now, let’s not go expecting those numbers from Shore in the NHL. But it is important to note that those numbers are extremely impressive, and I think warrant Shore’s permanent move to the big time. Anything that makes up for Richard’s disappointing stint with the Kings.

    So long Mike Richards. It’s been fun.