NHL Contemplating Advertisments on Jerseys


Nasty rumors have been circulating that the NHL is contemplating putting advertisments on players jerseys.  Yuck.

At the most recent NHL owners meeting the owners decided to vote against jersey ads.  It was reported by TSN that Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn’t want to be the first major North American sport to start throwing endorsments on players backs, literally.  Bettman would prefer to wait until the National Basketball Association does it first, and then follow suit.  What a surpise.

“We’re entering a new age where the game is evolving on and off the ice; change is not an invitation to spit on and ignore hockey’s traditions that endeared the sport making it what it is today.”

Typical of the callous Commissioner, who cares nothing for the sport, only his job of increasing revenue, he’d have the gumption to destroy something historical about the game, after someone else dones it first.  What a leader.

NHL jerseys are precious sweaters that players bleed for, not billboards sold to the highest bidder.  There’s somethings special about hockey jerseys, there always has been.

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  • Fans get it.  It’s a sport, but at the end of the day it’s a business.  It’s about money.  But what is the cost?  What is the cost for more money?

    There is a rich history and tradition behind many of NHL sweaters that makes them precious.  The Montreal Canadians insignia and jersey style dates back to 1912, which is the same year the New York Yankees began wearing pinstripes.  Changing and cheapening NHL uniforms is something that would take away from the game for the sake of a few extra dollars.  There are other ways to grow the game without slapping cheezy bumper-stickers on players backs.

    We’re entering a new age where the game is evolving on and off the ice; change is not an invitation to spit on and ignore hockey’s traditions that endeared the sport making it what it is today.

    If the NHL puts ads on team jerseys, fans should boycott and refrain from purchases.  Jerseys with ads look terrible.  Here’s a few team jerseys from European leagues that have sponsors advertisements.  Welcome to NASCAR hockey.

    The Kings have already added McDonalds to their practice jerseys.  Some will argue that advertisments are inevatible.  The Flyers have suggested more ads under the ice surface.  The New York Rangers will be putting chips into jerseys to track player speed and movement for better statistical analysis.

    Jun 6, 2014; El Sugundo, CA, USA; Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty during practice the day before game two of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final against the New York Rangers at Toyota Sports Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

    Feb. 17, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres jerseys frozen in ice are on display outside the First Niagara Center to celebrate Hockey Day in America before a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

    It will be nice to see a blur of bright advertising colors.  Advertisments on the ice, on the jerseys, on the boards.  They should slap some on the glass to.  Why let fans pay all that money to see the game without viewable commercials?  Perhaps NHL players can get forehead-logo-tattoos of sponsers as well so we can see who supports them in post-game interviews when players aren’t wearing their jerseys.

    “What’s wrong with a new tradition?” said player agent Ritch Winter.  Thanks for the input, you oxymoron.  Why be different, and stick with culture and tradition when you can be like everyone else?  Lets blend into nothingness.  Perhaps it’s just that fans would rather watch commercials and shop, than watch the hockey game that is being played.

    The NHL won’t be the first league to add ads to jerseys because they know it’s wrong.  It’s a shot at the heart of the game.  But have no fear, as soon as Bettman can get away with it – because someone else has done it first – ads on jerseys will happen.  That’s the type of courage you need to see in a comminssioner.  It’s the type of courage that stands up and says: nothing is sacred anymore.

    Unfortunatley the NHL, in its quest for more revenue and money has forgotten all about it’s #1 sponser that has supported owners, teams and their jerseys for over a hundred years:  the fans.