1980 USA Hockey’s ‘Miracle on Ice’ Bob Suter Passes Away


It’s a sad day for USA hockey.

Bob Suter has passed away on Tuesday, September 9th.  He was 57 years old.

Bob Suter was a defensemen on the USA 1980 “Miracle on Ice” men’s hockey team, and is the father of Minnesota Wild superstar defensemen Ryan Suter.  Bob Suter was the first member of the 1980 USA team to pass away.  The cause of death at the time of NHL.com’s reporting was unknown.  Wisconsin’s WISC-TV reported it was due to a heart attack.

In the 1977 NHL Entry Draft Suter was picked with the 120th selection by the Los Angeles Kings.  He chose to reject the contract the Kings offered him after winning the Gold for the United States in Lake Placid, and sat out the 1980-1981 season.  After becoming a free agent in 1981, Suter signed with the Minnesota North Stars (now the Dallas Stars).  Suter played the 1981-1982 season in the minors, after which he chose to retire.  He never played a game in the NHL.

Suter went on to coach youth hockey, and helped develop some of the great players in the game today, players like Phil Kessel and his son Ryan.  After Ryan signed a mega-deal with the Wild in 2012 for $98 million over 13 years, his father Bob joined the franchise as an amateur scout.

Hockey has gotten bigger and bigger in United States over the last five years, and it’s because of people behind the scenes like Bob Suter.  Good teachers who promote the game and help guide young players to play the game the right way: with passion and enjoyment.  With full hearts.  Many players make it to the NHL and get to live their dream of playing hockey for a living; playing in the spotlight.  Bob Suter was in the spotlight after 1980, but he didn’t play hockey for a living.  He sold hockey equipment, and touched the lives of many children at the developmental level, where he could teach and inspire from the beginning.

The thoughts and prayers of the entire Kings Nation are with the Suter family.  Rest in Peace Bob, and God Bless.