Drew Doughty Does It All and Still Has Time For Cartoons – The Dewy Show


Drew Doughty does it all.

Now that Doughty’s conquered the NHL, dominated the Olympics, and cornered the market for defensemen he’s moving on to bigger and brighter things.  He has his own cartoon.

Lookout Spongebob, Drew’s coming for you!  . . . on Youtube.

On August 18th the first two episodes of a comedic short-cartoon featuring Doughty’s likeness debuted.  Here’s the first episode.  Dewy’s a humanoid version of Shaggy and he even has his best pal with him.  Not Scooby-doo!  His dog Reginald.  Sorry bro, I mean “Reggie.”  Why get into the movies when you can make the big bucks in cartoons!  Personally I think he’s doing it for the Canadian Ginger Ale.

Jun 16, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Kings players Alec Martinez (27), Drew Doughty (8) and Trevor Lewis (22) wave to the crowd during a parade on Figueroa Street to celebrate winning the 2014 Stanley Cup. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Episode one is 3:40 seconds of a day in the life with Dewy and Luey (Kings teammate Trevor Lewis).  Dewy wants to throw and “epic rager” after watching highlights of himself celebrating with the Stanley Cup.  Too bad bro, epic party hogs Jeff Carter and Mike Richards have already planned their own epic rager, and they’ve invited the whole town.  Even Pia is going!  Bummer for Dewy.

The second episode is a bit longer, (4:57) focusing on another epic rager.  Teammates Dustin Brown, Alec “Marty” Martinez, Jarret Stoll, Anze Kopitar and Jonathan “f-in” Quick all make a special guest appearance.  One of the biggest executive producers in L.A., Dustin Penner stops by in too.  Unfortunately for Dewy, Carts and Rick (Carter and Richards) are up to their same old tricks.

It’s a little creepy, with the characters bodies filmed as real life movement while the faces are a cartoon version of rubber masks.  Creators Chris Pavlica and Zach Baumgartner discussed some of there ideas and motivations with yahoo sports Puck Daddy.

All in all, Dewy’s hair does like amazing.  Kings fans are sure to enjoy the spoof as the quest to host an epic rager continues for Dewy, Luey, and Reggie.