The Top 10 Hits Of The Kings’ ’12-’13 Season


If you’re anything like me, you’ve already exhausted all hockey alternatives and you’re hurting for some for some hockey.  Rest assured folks, I have another list here of 10 of the best hits from the 2013 season.

Kings fans appreciate the hard hitting, old time hockey kind of playing.  Our team isn’t exactly known for their fancy, skilled style, and thats a good thing because we get videos like these:

#10 – Matt Greene on TJ Galiardi 

Stanley Cup playoffs vs Sharks.  Just as Galiardi finds his spot in the crease, Greene is able to throw this giant hit and prevent an opportune scoring chance.

#9 – Jake Muzzin levels errrrr what’s his name…

I feel like watching Muzzin hit is kind of like watching a young puppy.  He’s still finding his way in the league and his hits can be somewhat soft until he forgets his potential until he throws an unexpectedly monster hit like this.

#8 – Drew Doughty hitting …. that guy…

Let it be known, I show complete apathy to the Stars.  Without Erikkson, I challenge you to name 5 more Stars without using Google.  Worst jersey, worst city, I was ecstatic the day I learned this team will no longer share a division with the Kings.  So long, flyover states!

#7 – Kyle Clifford drills Beauchemin

Feast your eyes on not only Kyle Clifford drilling a Duck into the boards, but a Duck in that hideous third jersey.

#6 – Mike Richards calls out Marian Hossa’s dive

Ok so this one isn’t really a hit, but Richards reaction is pretty awesome.

#5 – Regehr blending into the Kings system nicely…

This list wouldn’t be complete without a hit from one of the most physical (and best!) playoff series in years.  Welcome to the team Robyn!

#4 – Penner uses the power of teamwork to level Seabrook

They always say there’s no ‘I’ in team, and the rule applies to hitting too.  Two against one is always better.

#3 – Brown slams Toews

Our captain > your captain.  Plain and simple

#2 – Doughty destroys Datsyuk 

I remember this hit about as vividly remember watching the cup win the season prior.  As Datsyuk tries some fancy stickwork, Doughty catches his blindside.  This is one of those hits that will make you jump out of your seat, be prepared.

#1 – Rob Scuderi delivers perfection on Patrick Sharp

Calm, Collected, Cool.  I’ve watched this video probably 100 times.  What looks as a simple dump and chase ends quickly for Mr. Sharp.  Watch Rob Scuderi’s back foot here, just pure craftwork.  Scuderi is a true artisan, and his trade will be missed in Los Angeles