Post Game FanScript Game 2- Drew Doughty and Jeff Carter





Q.   Jeff,  what  did  you  see  on  the game winner?  What were yo

thoughts immediately afterwards?

JEFF  CARTER:   Well,  it  was a great play by the D.  I think it was

Marty  to  get  it  up quick.  Just tried to turn and get it to the net.  I

tried to hit Penns’ back door.  It kind of popped out to me.

I  had  someone’s  stick in the lane there.  Just tried to get out of

the way, get it on net.

Q.   Jeff,  you  had  some  big ones in Philly.  Where would this one


JEFF  CARTER:   I  think this is by far the biggest.  I think it’s my

first  playoff  overtime  goal.   It’s  a huge one.  It’s a big one for the

team.   Gets us a two-game lead here.  Gets us where we wanted to be coming

in here.

Q.   Drew,  when  you  were  growing  up,  were  there any particular

highlights,  goals,  anything  that  you saw that really resonated with you

that you remembered throughout your growing up?

DREW DOUGHTY:  That I scored?

Q.  That anyone scored.

DREW DOUGHTY:  No.  I actually remember Niedermayer when he played in

New  Jersey  having  a couple end to enders.  He was an unbelievable player

here,  everywhere  he  played.   I always wanted to emulate him.  He always

scored some highlight goals that I remember.

Q.   Jeff,  are  you  looking  for  the  blocker  on that one or just

shooting to put it on the net?

JEFF CARTER:  Just looking for anything really (laughter).

Playoff  hockey,  you  put  it  on  the net as much as you can.  It’s

usually a cheesy goal.  But Penns did a great job of getting right in front

of Marty there.  To be honest, I don’t even know if he saw around Penns, or

if he saw the shot.

Q.   Drew,  obviously  it’s  a  race  to four.  Having said that, how

important is it to stay levelheaded, not get carried away here?

DREW DOUGHTY:  I think we have to reset, refocus.  We have to go back

to  L.A.  as  if  the series is just starting.  We have home-ice advantage.

Have to take the first two at home.

We’re  happy  that we got the first two.  But going home on the plane

tonight,  we’re  trying to forget about those games.  We’re obviously going

to  learn  what  we did right and wrong.  But going back home, it’s a whole

new series.

Q.  Drew, can you talk about what happened on your goal.

DREW  DOUGHTY:  I just saw some ice in front of me.  Decided to skate

with the puck.  I don’t know who the D man was, but I tried to use him as a

screen.   Marty has that quick glove so I went blocker side.  I didn’t even

know it went in actually, but luckily, it did.

Q.   Dustin Penner said after the last round that the Kings are going

to need a bigger bandwagon after winning the Western Conference Final.  How

big is it going to have to be now?

JEFF  CARTER:   I think it’s grown by every game.  It’s great to see.

It’s fun for us.  Hopefully we can keep it going.

Q.   Jeff, in the context of the last 12 months, the trade.  A moment

like tonight make up for a lot of that aggravation?

JEFF   CARTER:    Yeah,  it’s  a  pretty  special  moment,  I  think.

Obviously,  anytime  you  get a chance to play in the Final, it’s exciting.

But scoring an overtime goal Game 2, puts you up 2-0, it’s pretty special.

Q.   Were there any lessons you learned from the Philadelphia-Chicago

Final that you carry over to this series?

JEFF CARTER:  Being in Philly, we played against Marty a lot.  Played

against  the  Devils.   I think for myself and Mike, we know a lot of their


I  think they’ve kind of opened their game up a little more.  There’s

still some things you have to adjust to.  It definitely helps.

Q.   You  are nice and humble.  It’s almost as if you’re underplaying

the  fact  you  scored two very artistic goals.  Do you regard them in that


JEFF CARTER:  A goal is a goal to me no matter how it goes in, so…

Dewey  made  a  great  play  end-to-end.  Great shot.  Mine was lucky

enough to find the back of the net with big Penns in front there.

Q.  Drew, talk about the importance of making the Devils be in a deep


DREW  DOUGHTY:  I don’t think too much is going to change.  Obviously

they  might  be  on  their  heels  a  little bit.  I think going into L.A.,

they’re going to come out hard.  They’re playing desperate.  They know they

have  to  win four out of five now.  They’re going to be playing their best


I  think  these  first two games we haven’t been at our best, so it’s

about time we pick up our socks and play our best hockey, too.

Q.  What about the atmosphere in L.A.?

DREW  DOUGHTY:   It’s  going  to  be nuts.  Every series, the rink is

getting  louder  and louder.  People around the city have been enjoying the

fan  crew.   We can’t wait to get in front of those home fans and hopefully

get them a few wins.

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