Post Game 2 FanScript- Coach Darryl Sutter


This seems annotated, however, it’s Coach Darryl Sutter doing what he does.

This interview was conducted on June 2, 2012 via ASAP SPORTS on

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach Sutter.

        Q.  Terrific team game.  Great performance by Quick.  It takes two plays of individual skill to get the two goals. 

COACH SUTTER:  Yeah, I think we weathered the storm the first period and withstood a pretty strong forecheck, made some mistakes.  Our goalie made some saves, same as theirs.

        Q.  How would you say your team played tonight?

COACH SUTTER:  I thought it was a hell of a battle.  What did you think?  Were you happy with how our team played tonight?  Tough building.  You just finished playing a team with the most home wins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs that played hard.

        Q.  Can you talk a little bit about Jeff Carter, the winning goal. 

COACH SUTTER:  Good to see him score, right?  Marty made some highlight saves tonight against good shooters.  So good to see him score.

        Q.  The overtime, the Devils got a lot of chances.  What was key for your team besides the great play of Quick to keep the puck out of the net?

COACH SUTTER:  Both teams had a lot of chances and surges.

        Q.   Can you describe the level of poise that Jeff Carter showed out there tonight. 

COACH SUTTER:  He’s a goal-scorer.  You know what, you’re counting on him to score a big goal.

        Q.  Can you talk about Doughty’s goal. 

COACH SUTTER:  Made a great play.  You know what, a 200-foot play, right?  One of those coast-to-coast things.  You’ll look at a lot of times.  Win or lose, that’s a great play.

        Q.  I know each series is a different set of circumstances.  To go up 2-0 in the other building four straight rounds, you’ve never seen that in all your time.  How does that happen?

COACH SUTTER:  Tonight was heavy lifting.  You know, it was along the boards.  Their defense are coming down.  Quite honest, for probably a good part of two periods, they were controlling that part of the boards.  Hey, you know what, we’ll have our work cut out going home.

        Q.  How about the team’s road record now?  Still undefeated. 

COACH SUTTER:  We got to go home.  We got to play at home.  I’d hate to say that we went undefeated on the road.

        Q.  But you did. 

COACH SUTTER:  I’d hate to say that we went undefeated on the road.  It’s a long time.