WCF- Game 2 Post-Game Interview w/ Jonathan Quick


NHL.com compared the remaining four goaltenders to the blockbuster movie the Avengers. Jonathan Quick adequately dons “Captain America,”  for his eloquent verbiage… or lack there of…

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Jonathan.

Q.  There was a period of time there early in the second period where

you  had to make several back-to-back stops.  The game is still 1-0 at that

point.  You get the goal.  How important is that sequence for your game?

JONATHAN QUICK:  Obviously I wanted to get off to a better start than

I  did  last  game  there.  You know, in order to win on the road, you need

your goalie to make a few saves.

For  the most part we did a great job of keeping a lot of the chances

to  the  outside,  clearing  out  rebounds  and stuff like that.  When they

needed me, I was able to make the save.

Q.   Early  in  the  game,  fans were yelling, Shoot, when Morris got

close.  Did you hear that?


Q.   Coach  Tippett  said  his team looked a little bit better in the

start  of  the  first period, a little more energy than in Game 1.  Did you

see it that way?

JONATHAN  QUICK:   They  certainly created a couple more chances than

they did Game 1 first period.  That’s the way the game works sometimes.  We

outplayed them Game 1, leave the period tied.

Today it was a little more evenly played.  You leave the first period

with a 1-0 lead, it’s the way it happens sometimes.

Q.  Do you think you got under their skin?

JONATHAN  QUICK:  You know what, that’s part of the game, time of the

year.   There’s  going  to  be  some  chippy stuff going on.  It’s going to

happen both ways.  It’s just part of the game.

I  don’t  think we got under their skin or anything like that.  These

guys won two rounds.  You don’t win two rounds this time of year being able

to get rattled easily.

We  know  what  to  expect  here coming into Game 3.  We know they’re

going to bring their best.  That’s all we’re looking at right now.

THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Jonathan.

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