Calgary Flames @ LA Kings- Burn Notice


I woke up this morning numb to the frustrations that are the LA Kings. I have to believe that eventually the dam will break and the Staples Center will flood with excitement and success once again. The Kings have scored 12 goals in seven games so far in the month of February. In six of their seven games they scored one goal or less.

The Calgary Flames weren’t and aren’t that good.  Miikka Kiprusoff had some great saves. The Flames only allowed six minutes of penalties. They scored one goal showing what crashing the net does for scoring probability. The irony of Michael Cammalleri scoring on his former struggling club was expected. There wasn’t a fight to be fought. Overall the game is given a “B-” for energy.

The Kings, well, they are just flat out terrible.

The Kings cannot possibly think they can solve their scoring issues when they carry the puck in to the zone wide with their heads up thinking, “I am assisting on this goal.” I am not saying that last nights efforts were poor. They had quite a few scoring chances but their lack of finesse has to be addressed immediately. Dean Lombardi’s no address to the lack of scoring is being painfully dragged out longer than this sentence is as I am checking all of the tweets, sites and video of who, if anyone, the Kings will land now or trade for by trade deadline.  The waiting game is over. Dean will overpay and his smug frugality will be the irony on top of the shit sundae that is the 2011-12 LA Kings season.