Sorry I Ruined Your Florida Panthers Party.. LA Kings @ Florida Panthers 2.9.12


Tonight was another dismal performance showed by the Los Angeles Kings. They looked to sweep the Sunshine State, but instead were cleaned out by the Florida Panthers, losing 3-1. In their previous seven meetings, the Kings were unbeaten dating back to 2002 AND were 3-0 in that stint in Sunshine, Fl. Kings Fans are beyond frustrated and are scratching their heads to reach the wrinkle in their memory  that will hopefully allow them to forget the early season expectations and why our team was the one to cough up a big wet fur ball in Florida.

Here’s the skinny on tonight:

No one played well.

Where is the fire? Why hasn’t anyone stepped up?

The entire shots in the game were even in the end. Again the Kings showed intensity in the waning minutes of the game (too little, too late). Brown got some good hits in. Scoring chances were there but shot either wide or high. Too many pucks carried in along the boards. Jonathan Quick pulled before the start of the 3rd period. Twine was only tickled once for a chuckle. We are 1-3 on this 6 game road trip.

Was there viagra in the water bottles…. because the Kings played pretty “stiff…”

The post game quotes lead me to believe that the locker room has no direction. Phrases like, “for whatever reason,” “we’ve got to find a way,” and “you knew it was going to be low scoring, that’s how both teams are,” are frustrating on the lack of responsibility the players and coach are not taking on. I want to here some “WE WILL’s,” “WE EXPECT NOTHING LESS THAN HIGH INTENSITY,” or “YES, WE SUCK, BUT IT’S TIME TO PUCK UP OR SHUT THE PUCK UP”  Who is the leader in the locker room? Why hasn’t Dean flown out and try to light a fire under the team? Heck, let’s get Tommy Lasorda back in there for a patented pep talk. If the Kings cannot rally themselves for themselves, then the hometown faithful are chanting on deaf ears.

Mike Richards.

We  know why there is disdain for Mike Richards in Florida. Those crazy Cats took control in their litter box and in the final period outshot the Kings 12 to 9. I honestly thought that Mike Richards would play with an extra jump in his entire 16:28 of ice time but he continues to be nonexistent. I noted before in a post that we have an overabundance at center. Loktionov, go back to Manch, Stoll, pending you aren’t hurt, come off of the wing and go back to center and perhaps call up Linden Vey to replace Stoll on Right Wing. Get them some NHL experience at a cheap entry level contract or something if you are too afraid of spending money.

I don’t know where I am going with this post . I am at a loss for thought. It’s possibly the large pizza I ingested that I injured myself  eating that is clogging the artery that throbbed throughout another frustrating game. We need a change because patience has run out.

What will it take to get Rick Nash in LA?