Bob Miller Signs For Two More Years


Lucky Kings fans rejoice. We’ll have the chance to listen to Bob Miller for at least two more seasons, as he has agreed on a new contract with the Kings. It’s great news, and I’m certainly pleased that we won’t be subjected to an attempt to find an announcer nearly as memorable as Bob for at least another couple years. As is the case with most Kings fans, Bob Miller calling the games is iconic Kings hockey, and it would a hard adjustment to hear another voice calling the games on a regular basis.

On a more optomistic note, the Kings now know that they’ve got two years to put it together. Bob Miller joined the team as the announcer in 1973, so when his contract is up, he’ll have been calling Kings games for nearly 1/3 of a century. That’s a heck of a long time, and the guy deserves to watch a Kings Championship as the voice of the Kings. I know, if the Kings make it to the Finals, the games will be announced by some terrible announcing team, depriving Kings fans and indeed the entire country the opportunity to hear one of the best in the business, but at least he’ll be with the team. Right? That ought to be worth something.

So now you’ve heard it. The Kings have something to play for. Bring a Cup home to Los Angeles within the next two seasons. Do it for Bob.