Around the NHL – Playoff Results


So all of the series have finished at least the first two games in the series, and nearly half of them are three games deep. This is as good a time as any to take a look at some of the results, and discuss what that might mean for the remainder of the series. We here at RinkRoyalty would love to hear your thoughts, and if you’ve been following a series closely, feel free to weigh in with your comments.

Vancouver v. Chicago – This series has not proven to be a very close one. Sorry ‘Hawks fans. The reigning Stanley Cup Champions are on the verge of not only getting beat, but getting swept right out of round 1. It would be a demoralizing result for a team that was hopeful that they would at least be able to challenge to defend their championship. The Canucks on the other hand look like a well-oiled machine. To be honest, it’s a little frightening to see this Canucks team firing on all cylinders, with Luongo, the Sedins, and the rest all playing at the top of their game, this team will be hard to beat. Vancouver Leads 3-0.

Los Angeles v. San Jose – No need to get into too much detail on this one… that’s kinda what the whole site is for. Enjoy the Kings returning home on Tuesday. Series Tied 1-1.

Detroit v. Phoenix – I predicted that this would be the first series to come to a quick close. The Red Wings have skill, experience, veteran leadership and hunger to go along with their home-ice advantage. It still looks like it’ll be a quick series, and the Coyotes have been pretty much dominated across the board. The series now heads back to Phoenix, where the Coyotes will look to protect their home ice. The furious comeback to make game 2 a 4-3 defeat (the Red Wings were up 4-0 at one point) could lead to some momentum, but I still see the series being over in not more than 5 games. Detroit Leads 2-0.

Nashville v. Anaheim – It looks like the right team is winning. The Predators have finally started to show the promise that they’ve displayed over the past few seasons, and it looks like they may have the horses to win the first playoff series in history. It would be a great result for a team that needs a result of some kind, and it would be an even better result for Kings fans. Go Preds! Nashville Leads 2-1.

New York v. Washington – The Rangers pulled out a win in game 3, which is the only thing keeping this from being a real route. The Washington Capitals are playing like a team on a mission, and the Rangers are only the first bump in the road. I full expect the Capitals to re-exert their dominance in game 4, and head back to Washington with a chance to close out the series at home. The Rangers will need to count on more than just a few lucky bounces if they want any chance of staying in this series. Washington Leads 2-1.

Buffalo v. Philadelphia – This was a series that I was maybe the least ready to predict. The Sabres came into the series on a bit of a roll, and that roll continued through game 1. The Sabres shut down the Flyers offense and emerged as 1-0 winners. The Flyers evened the series at 1 game apiece with a win in game 2, but the Flyers look like a vulnerable #2 seed. Heading back to Buffalo, I’m not sure it would be wise to count out Ryan Miller. We’ve all seen how a goaltender can carry a team through the playoffs (read: Halak), and if anyone is going to do it, Miller is a good bet. Series Tied 1-1.

Montreal v. Boston – The Bruins offense is anemic. Or at least it has been seriously anemic during this playoff series scoring… 1 goal in two games. It’s bad news when the Kings offense is outscoring your by a ratio of 6:1. Sure it’s only two games, at least Boston is heading home with a chance to… oh wait. They lost those games AT home? Heading to Montreal now? This could be a quick one. Montreal Leads 2-0.

Tampa Bay v. Pittsburgh – Maybe the most interesting series that I have no interest in watching. Sure, I’ve seen the games, but frankly I haven’t been as entertained as I thought I might. The teams split the series in Pittsburgh, and head back to Tampa Bay to see if one team can emerge as the favorite in the series. I wouldn’t bet against Pittsburgh, but Tampa is certainly the trendy pick. If the Pens can get their offense on track, and keep Stamkos off the score sheet, they should be in good shape. Series Tied 1-1.