Where Are The Nicknames?


Long ago teams had entire lines with nicknames. The Kings had arguably one of the most famous of those lines with the impressively titled “Triple Crown Line.” Composed of Dave Taylor, Charlie Simmer and Marcel Dionne, the three teamed up to generate huge point totals, and perhaps even more importantly gave the fans a clear “identity” to cheer for. Where are the nicknames anymore? The last one that was really very catchy (ie. that anyone other than a few fans in the immediate vicinity of the team used) was what? The CASH Line in Ottawa? The fact that half of you are probably scratching your heads trying to figure out what that line is pretty much proves my point.

So I’m calling on you all to come up with the next great line nickname. Pick a line (preferably a memorable one) and come up with a name. Preferably something catchy and witty that we can use in posts from here on out. I’ll work on a few and see if I can come up with anything by next week, but frankly I’m not terribly creative in these matters. My kinds of nicknames are in-line with NHL player nicknames – add an “ie” or “y” to the last name and be done with it.

On to a slightly different subject. What is up with this jersey? The Ducks really are an embarrassment of a franchise. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Burger King jersey, but seriously. It’s not this travesty. We’ll be doing a full-tilt review of some of the most awful jerseys of all time in the future, so keep an eye out. And if you’ve got any suggestions, certainly mention them in the comments and I’ll do my best to check them out.