I suppose it's naive of me..."/>

I suppose it's naive of me..."/>

Kings Get Kovalchuk?


I suppose it’s naive of me not to at least mention the hottest topic running around the NHL at the moment. That being the rampant rumors of Kovalchuk’s impending trade. There have been many discussions of where he might be heading, but the one that is of the most importance to readers of this blog (and specifically me), is the Kovalchuk to the Kings rumor. It’s an interesting thought, and certainly having a high-powered, elite goal scorer is something the Kings haven’t had in quite some time. Arguably Palffy served a similar role, but he was never at the same level as Kovalchuk, despite years of impressive seasons.

So what would it take to get Kovalchuk? Well, The Hockey News is reporting that the asking price is Jack Johnson, Oscar Moller (or Wayne Simmonds), and a collection of prospects including Brayden Shenn. Now, to me, this is an incredibly high price. The Kings have spent years struggling to build a remotely successful team, and for the first time in almost a decade they’ve got a realistic chance of making the playoffs and potentially making some noise once they get there. Frankly this deal comes down to one key element. Can the Kings sign Kovalchuk long term? If the answer is yes, they can get him under a reasonable deal for the long-term, the package may be acceptable. It’s a big price, but Kovalchuk is a big prize. However, if this is a two-month long rental heading into the playoffs, I’m sure I won’t be alone in losing my mind over the ridiculousness of this trade. If the Kings were a realistic Stanley Cup contender? Maybe. But they’re not. If they make a run, it’ll be a surprise, and certainly not worth ditching the future for one long-shot chance at the Cup.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out, though all signs point to the fact that this is the kind of deal that’s not going to be finalized until after the Olympics in Vancouver are completed. I’m hoping Lombardi holds firm to his plan of rebuilding, and keeps our important pieces in tact. Especially if the return is a mere rental!