Drew Doughty for Norris?


I know, I know. The Kings play the Red Wings tonight. I can tell you I’m super excited to watch the game. It’s a unique opportunity for the Kings to put some distance between them and a team that is trying to climb back into the playoffs. Although the Red Wings are clearly not the team they have been over the past decade, they are still a very good team and a win would be excellent.

That said, the most exciting news I’ve seen today is the recent article on The Hockey News where Edward Fraser lists the Norris trophy winner at midseason. Don’t get me wrong, he gives the Norris to Duncan Keith, and the decision is one I can’t entirely disagree with. That said, his runners up include Drew Doughty and Mike Green. How freaking great is that shit? Drew Doughty, a 20-year old in his second season with the Kings is in the discussion for the Norris trophy already.

Most legit analysts would acknowledge that Doughty has been looking like a player that will win a future Norris trophy for a while now, but most people didn’t expect it would be anywhere near this soon. And let’s not kid ourselves, in all likelihood he won’t even be in the final three by the end of the season. But shit, the kid is 20 years old! I’ll take a 20 year old Norris contender on my team every day of the week. The great thing is that’s the situation we’ve got on the Kings right now. It’ll be a great career for the kid, especially if he continues to work as hard as he has for the past two seasons. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s next for the kid.

Oh and Beat Detroit!