Checking Out A Prospective King


So I just found out that the NHL Network is going to be showing the Memorial Cup over the next two weeks.  Finally — some legit Junior action on TV to enjoy.  Not only that, I’ll finally have a chance to see what forward and King prospect Andrei Loktionov is capable of.  Now, I haven’t seen him play yet, but I do know that he was a 5th round pick who tore the OHL up this past season (24-42-66 in 51 games), and the Kings’ farm system is woefully thin when it comes to scoring forwards.  It is my hope that a.) he plays as good as his numbers look, and b.) he develops into a good young player capable of getting prime minutes in the NHL.

I know he’s a 5th rounder, so I shouldn’t expect too much theoretically.  However, I’m not exactly hoping for the second coming of Henrik Zetterberg here.  All I’m hoping is that Loktinov develops into a guy who can put together a 20 goal season or three in the next few years.  Remember, I’m a Kings fan, and as one, don’t ask for much, really.  Well, except that damn trophy.  Other than that, I’m fine.