Should The Kings Try And Bring Matt Moulson To Los Angeles?


Nov 2, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres left wing Matt Moulson (26) against the Anaheim Ducks at First Niagara Center. Anaheim beats Buffalo 6 to 3. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabres were in town last night, and ultimately lost (I know, whats new). One of the story lines that most people were looking into while the Sabres were in town, was the return of Matt Moulson. Moulson was apart of the Kings organization for several years and played in 29 games with the Kings before leaving to the New York Islanders at the beginning of the ’09-’10 season.

Since then, Moulson has developed into one the leagues finest offensive threats, breaking the 30 goal barrier three times since leaving Los Angeles.

One couldn’t help but think that the Kings missed out on an opportunity by letting Moulson escape Los Angeles, his leaving via free agency and getting nothing in return makes it hurt a little more. Of course it makes one cringe a little seeing a player that used to be on your team have that kind of success elsewhere. But obviously you can’t project a player that got drafted in the ninth round of the draft having that big of an upside.

So here’s a question, would you be open to the idea of Moulson coming back to the Kings, and if so for what price?

Moulson is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer so he may not be in a Sabres jersey at the beginning of next season, or even the end of this season.

I’m almost certain that if Moulson does make it to the free agency he would be open to coming to Los Angeles. He mentioned he has no hard feelings towards the Kings and sees them as a major factor in his development. Also, Jonathan Quick is Moulson’s brother-in-law, so the family aspect would defintiely play a part in that playing out.

Obviously there are two ways Moulson could end up in a Kings jersey, the Kings trade for him before the trade deadline later in the season. Or the Kings wait for the free agency and try to bring him in with a fresh new contract. Both ways would be really tricky.

If the Kings traded for Moulson they would likely have to give up some top end young talent to the Sabres. Sure that would get him here but then there would still be the possibility of Moulson abandoning ship come summer when his contract expires. The other route would have the Kings waiting until the offseason and bringing  him in via free agency. That option would have a lot of outside factors weighing in on it, like what exactly the salary cap will be next season and other contracts the Kings need to work out.

Either way would have major effects on the Kings line-up, would that be a price that you would be willing to pay in order to get Moulson in a Kings sweater?

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