Kings Win On Sunday Bloody Sunday


So, what’s going on at Rink Royalty? Does anyone write here anymore? Well, yes… yes we do still write when we can lower our heart rates and keep our hands steady enough to type. Being a fan of the Los Angeles Kings has always brought  certain trials and challenges but never has it brought a 3-0 playoff series lead. WHAT, you may be asking. Yes, it’s true, the Kings have never been in the position that they’re in at the moment. Here’s the kicker; some fans and players of the Vancouver Canucks are acting like such douche-bags that it seems the Kings have gathered quite a few fans from every market (outside of British Columbia). I’ve seen tweets from fans of teams within the Kings division voicing their displeasure (mild word) with the Canucks and actually stating that they would like to see the Kings take this series. After that, of course, there’s no commitment because we are, after all, division rivals. Understandable guys and we appreciate the support while we have it!

Some guy named Jonathan Quick showed up for a little while to hold the fort while the Kings looked for that ever elusive goal. Dustin Brown was gracious enough to provide that goal in the third period and that would be all the Kings needed en route to a 1-0 win on home ice and, as previously stated, a 3-0 lead in the series. Brown also had a couple hits… Look around and you may find video. I heard one of them even made it on the NHL channel… Ok, I’m playing. I’ll put the video below so you can enjoy it. Contrary to what the fan base up in Vancouver may believe, it was good to see Henrik back on the bench a few minutes after the hit. You gotta admire a big hit but you never want to see someone knocked out of the game. For all the flack the twins get, they’re world class players and deserve a huge amount of respect. See below for my thoughts on how I feel about a couple of their teammates.

How huge would it be for the Kings to put this series away in 4? Though it’s no easy task and the team still needs to show up and play their best game of the series on Wednesday to accomplish it, the achievement would have huge perks. No travel for at least a week. They would get to sit back and watch the other teams in the conference beat the crap out of each other while resting and getting healthy. For now, we all wait until Wednesday while the other tenants of the Staples Center occupy the building.

ryan kesler… Yes, his name appears in lowercase for a reason. What a complete ass and an absolute disgrace to the NHL. Hey, ryan, your teammates appear to be ashamed to share the ice with you. Oh, was that supposed to be a secret in the Vancouver dressing room? Guess it kind of spilled out into the warm-up routine because, when your team got on the ice and saw the signs that the great fans of LA were so kind to bring, they lowered their heads in disgust. Well, most of them. alex burrows appears to be aspiring to be just like you. Keep it classy ryan. Way to be a mentor.

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