The Pacific Division’s Most Hated Players

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Edmonton Oilers

Nail Yakupov has only been in the NHL for one season, well I guess it can be looked at as half a season sort of, but he has already made quite a name for himself. Scoring 17 goals and recording 31 points in 48 games will do that for you. But he has been ridiculed for some of his antics on the ice.

For me personally I just haven’t liked him since this whole ordeal.

Come on. I mean I get it the goal, it was sweet, knocked it out of the air and everything. But that celebration was too much. Outside of this scenario there are plenty of anti-Yakupov followings and most of those groups seem to have been spearheaded by Don Cherry.

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  • Maxwell Townsend

    This article is poop. With the exception of the flames you just picked really good star players. You just personally hate them because they play well and play against your team often. I like how you omit the fact that the yakupov goal was to tie the game with 4.6 seconds left in the game, he’s in his rookie season and he just scored a huge goal. He’s allowed to be a bit too exuberant

  • Alyssa

    Why do you call the article “Most hated PLAYERS” and then go on to name teams?

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  • Big Pin

    Burrows? Really? Over Kesler? Wow, methinks you’ve missed most of the recent LA Vancouver matchups. Other than the odd bite, Burr plays with a boatload of integrity. And Mason Raymond? The guy has never dove or cheap shotted once in his career; take it easy on the li’l guy, he’s just light on his skates is all. Too bad Lapierre’s gone or you would have had an instant shoo in, but it’s really gotta be Kesler now, no? (also, Bieksa is a king among men, and should have been invited to the Olympic camp)