Kings Guardian Debuts

Kings fans across the country have no doubt been waiting for the day that Stan Lee’s “Guardian” debuts for the Los Angeles Kings. This incredibly special moment is a true watershed for any and all Kings fans… or not so much. For anyone who is unaware, Stan Lee, the creator of dozens of hit comic book characters, has teamed up with the NHL for the Guardian Project.

In this incredibly impressive (end sarcasm) feat, Stan Lee is creating a Guardian for each of the 30 NHL teams, for use in… well… nobody is quite sure what the use of these Guardians will be, though all thirty Guardians will “come to life” during the 2011 NHL All-Star Game. For my part, I’m not sure what the point of this entire project really is, but it’s an interesting approach. Certainly the NHL can be applauded for attempting to draw in non-traditional fans to the game, although without a clear game plan, this seems like more of a one-off attempt that will fade into oblivion shortly after their debut.

So who do the Kings have representing them in the world of comics?

“A regal ambassador of the City of Angels. Has a shield that creates force fields and a sword that causes earthquakes.”

Yea I’m not impressed either. I keep going back to the fact that I haven’t the faintest idea what they would be planning on doing with these mascots, but they seem to lack a sense of creativity. Seriously, everyone expected that the New Jersey Devil “guardian” would be a Devil of some kind, but for the Kings the brilliant Stan Lee came up with… The King? Wow. Impressive…

Anyway, I’m pretty much over this whole thing, and other than seeing them “come to life” no matter if I want to or not, during the All-Star Game, I probably won’t think twice about this incredibly important “Guardian.” How about you?

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  • Mark Lisica


    Obviously the King as well as all the other 29 Guardians will have something to do with their franchise name and the city. The reason for the choice of name was for brand recognition.

    The king is like no other character. What did you expect he would be? No other comic book character has that suit with those abilities especially one that live in LA.

    Since 80% of the characters in comic books reside in NY or in a made up city I am pretty sure expanding it to 30 other cities in teh NHL is rather “cool”.

    And yes the devil, i expect to be somehwat of a devil yet stan lee went one step higher and made him a demon horse like of like New Jersey recognizes.

    This project is going to be a new way to target kids and teens to a sport they were never pushed to watched before with online games and fantasy game that will have them following the sport, and movies to keep them interested