How Do The Ducks Make YOU Feel?

As any true Kings fan knows, the Ducks suck. Yea yea, they did fine a few years back, but they still suck. Besides, anyone who roots for a team based on a movie… well… I just don’t know what to say about that. Despite that fact, Sue over at Ducks Daily Blog recently asked a number of her fellow bloggers (myself included) to answer a few questions about our thoughts on the Ducks.

Since bagging on the hated Ducks should never be restricted to those of us lucky enough to get emails from Sue, I thought I’d make this a great opportunity for you all to weigh in with your thoughts on the Ducks, and post some of my personal thoughts. Without further ado, here are the questions, complete with my answers:

1. Are the Ducks a skill-oriented/finesse team, or goonish? Specific examples are encouraged.

C’mon, this is an easy one. They’re untalented hacks, and George Parros isn’t going to change anyone’s mind (even with that mustache). I suppose when they’ve got Selanne and Kariya on their team they’ll edge a bit closer to finesse, but I have faith that they’ll remain thuggish goons rather than hockey players.

2. Who is the most hated player on the Ducks?

Anyone wearing the Ducks jersey? Honestly, before he was traded the easy answer was Chris Pronger. For now I suppose I’ll go with Ryan Getzlaf. He’s a tool, and he looks like a douche. That’s pretty much enough for me…

3. How do you feel before a game against the Ducks?

Pumped up. It’s always good to orchestrate a beat down on a cross-town rival. In recent years it has been particularly exciting. I can just say that I can’t wait until we meet in the playoffs and we are able to more directly end the season of those bastards.

4. Have you ever been to the hellish arena in Anaheim?

Nope. Though I’ve wanted to visit when the Kings play there, and I may make the journey down the 5 sometime next season, I can safely say that I’ve avoided that godforsaken arena with the best of them.

5. What is your favorite memory of the Ducks?

Watching them lose the Stanley Cup Final against New Jersey in game 7. I had the lovely privilege of watching the game with a pitiful Ducks fan/friend(ish). It was some kind of great to watch the devastation in person.

So what are your thoughts? Bonus points for humorous (and true) answers. And if you’ve got other questions to add to the survey, feel free to leave them in the comments! Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

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  • zubs

    F**K the DUCKS!! i have a passionate hate for the ducks and their fans. nothing disgusts me more than a duck fan. GO KINGS!!!!!!

  • i

    Growing up I couldn’t even watch the Mighty Duck movies or cartoons because I was so disgusted.

  • Dominick

    1. The Ducks have some talent,but so do the Oilers(didn’t help them either). Getzalaugh is dangerous, but is easy to goad into a penalty. They currently lack any identity.

    2. Does WildWing count? I’m going with Sutton. His lame trip cost us Allison one year.

    3. Depends! If I’m in LA or at home, relaxed. If I’m in Anahiem, pissed off.

    4. My daughter is a Ducksfan, so I love to take her to Ducks games(even when the Kings aren’t playing) wearing my Kings jersey. Ducks fans Love it!

    5.Watching Teemu take a slap shot in the eye socket a few years back.Seeing 2 Ducksfans fight in the smoking area over who scored the last goal

    • Dominick

      Come to think of it,it was a puck to the jaw.Broke his jaw and gave him a concussion.

  • Ruben Segura

    1. Are the Ducks a skill-oriented/finesse team, or goonish? Specific examples are encouraged.
    The Ducks lack of depth in the skill department has forced the Ducks to resort to a level goonery that places them in their own category. Having Bobby Ryan, if they can keep him, helps them in finesse but its no where close to enough. Until George Parros teaches his 80′s porno mustache to throw a punch, he’ll continue to be one of the worst fighters in the NHL… right there with Raitis Ivanans.

    2. Who is the most hated player on the Ducks?
    Hands down, Ryan Getzlaf is my most hated Duck. He’s such a trash talking d-bag. During one of the Kings v. Ducks games I went to last season, they showed Getzlaf on the big screen getting in Dustin Brown’s face in the final 5 minutes of the game to talk crap because they were up by 1. Kings went on to win that game by scoring twice in the final minutes of the game… Did I mention he’s 25 and balding, because he is.

    3. How do you feel before a game against the Ducks?
    Excited for the imminent Kings victory and a hard fought game.

    4. Have you ever been to the hellish arena in Anaheim?
    I’ve been to the Honda Center (formally The Pond), or as some of us non-Ducks fans call it, the Puddle several times. It’s a decent arena but during the design process, whoever decided it was a good idea to leave minimal isle space behind the concession stands is a moron.

    5. What is your favorite memory of the Ducks?
    I enjoying watching the video of Wild Wing falling into a barrel of fire during a failed intermission show from time to time. It makes me happy.

  • whiskeypete

    ive been to a few games at the pond, honda center, w/e the hell they call it now. my pet peeve, and this goes back to the disney, cartoon, beginning days of the club. the damn duck calls they sell. it never fails that i sit near a family of five and all three kids have those damn things. nothing like watching a game for 3 hours and having three kids going to town on a duck call. dear parental units – i’m guessing if little johnny walked around your house for 3-hours blowing that thing you would be pissed. the same applies to the other fans sitting around your obnoxious ass kid at the game.