Major Bummer

What a let-down. After playing well, and dominating large stretches of the match, the Kings were unable to finish the Canucks off, and ended up giving up points to their conference rivals, the Vancouver Canucks. The game was a low-scoring affair, and in many respects was eerily similar to the San Jose Sharks match the game before. The Canucks came into the game shorthanded, playing without star players Roberto Luongo, Pavol Demitra, Daniel Sedin and a host of other supporting players. Despite this disadvantage, the Canucks played a strong defensive game, helped by stellar play by goaltender Andrew Raycroft.

The Kings did have a couple sparks to feel proud of, including the determined play across the board. While they were unable to finish off most of their chances, the fact that they continued to push forward, and attack is a hopeful sign for the future. Scott Parse, he of only four NHL games in his career, who had been toiling away in the AHL for the season thus far has been a revelation. In four games, he’s put together 1G and 2 A, just under a point per game, and besting Trevor Lewis’ output of 0P in 5 games. His strong play actually allowed the Kings to send Lewis back to Manchester, where he can get regular playing time, and hopefully find his game again.

After Parse made it 1-0, the Kings let the Canucks back in the game, when Samuelsson blasted home a one-timer from the slot, to tie it at 1-1 near the end of the 1st period. That was it for scoring. There were some decent plays afterward, including a dazzling move by Kopitar in the closing seconds, which nearly allowed the Kings to pull out the win, but bad bounces, and stellar goaltending by Raycroft kept the game knotted at 1-1. After an uneventful overtime, the shootout began. After the requisite three shootout attempts, the Canucks ended up on top, finishing the game off, 2-1.

Despite the disappointment of the loss, the Kings did come away with a point. It may seem like small consolation to a team that should be able to get both points against a shorthanded team, while playing at home, but remember this remains a young team. Their players are still developing and learning to play in different situations and circumstances. They played well overall last night, and hopefully will soon take the step necessary to bring their results, and their team, to the next level.

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  • Fan Attic 555

    Major bummer is right!! Close again, how many cliches are really nessacary before our coach’s start doing some of the small things and utilising players in their right roles, givem a chance to succeed. What Gavin had to say is right about Parse. Give the kid a chance to shine and the same can be said for a few of our boys. Take B. Richardson, an excellent sophomore year with Colorado, (22 points, 3 SHG) he was part of there first P.K. unit on a highly skilled team, but yet is rooted to the bench every time we go down a man. It’s not like we have anything to lose, we are ranked 26th in the league with a less than impressive %74.1 success rate in the afforementioned dept. But have yet to bulge the twine, spin the light or even come close to moms peanut butter. Give the kid a shot. Again right player right opportunity… only Richardson is proven in this facet. Think about it!!!

  • gavin499

    No doubt I think Richardson could be used more effectively, as is the case with a number of our youngsters. While I’m as willing to criticize Murray as anyone else, it’s tough to do with such a significant improvement over last year. The PK has also been playing pretty well after perhaps the most atrocious start to a season I’ve ever seen. Regardless, I’m with you, let’s see what Richardson can do, he may take some minutes away from Kopitar and other offensive powers, keeping them fresh for later in the game when we need him/them to take over a game and get a winner!

  • boltsbythebay

    We feel you on this one. The bolts can’t seem to win a game that goes to a shootout. And two of those games have gone to overtime off of goals scored with less than 20 seconds left in the 3rd. It’s Rough! You guys looked good last night though!!

  • gavin499

    No doubt, no doubt. That’s some rough end of game collapse. Of course I can’t have TOO much sympathy for you guys in Tampa… you do have a Cup ring to cling to… not so much here in LA. At least not yet. ;-)