Kings Meltdown In Motown

The Phoenix Coyotes and San Jose Sharks are doing everything they can to hand the Los Angeles Kings a playoff spot. The Kings, however, are saying, “Screw you! We don’t want it”. As witnessed on Friday night against the Detroit Red Wings, this team does not have what it takes to maintain a lead when it matters – let alone win in the playoffs. So, spare us the money we would spend on first round tickets and just give up.

Again, I’m no expert but it seems “The System” is complete garbage. Jack Johnson is now free to roam the ice with the Columbus Blue Jackets and, guess what… he’s putting the puck in the net! And don’t even bother with the “defense first” argument. I watched an incredibly soft Drew Doughty last night and a version of Rob Scuderi that looked absolutely clueless. Mike Richards, with just over 4 minutes to go and a 3-2 lead, made one of the most horrible judgement calls I’ve ever seen in a hockey game. He had the choice to flip the puck out of the zone. Instead, he opted to drop it back behind the net. 10 out of 10 times that’s gonna bite you in the ass. This was one of those 10 out of 10 times. Ethan MoreauTrent Hunter or Dustin Penner make that play but not Mike RichardsJonathan Quick had 11 saves on 15 shots. I don’t feel the need to address what’s wrong with those numbers. Jarret Stoll again took a horrible penalty early in the first period. HOLY CRAP!!! What else do I need to say? I’m sitting here, reliving the game as I write these words and I just want it to get the hell out of my mind.

IF this team makes the playoffs and loses in the first round, Dean Lombardi and his group of misfits should be fired. If the Kings miss the playoffs (something I’d put money on at this point) Dean Lombardi and his group of misfits should be fired. I understand that he’s given the roster and the farm team an overhaul but “The System” is holding players back and, as fans, that’s too hard to watch.

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