Los Angeles Kings Lose To Carolina Hurricanes In Raleigh

There’s simply not enough bad things to say about the Los Angeles Kings right now. A loss to the Carolina Hurricanes at a time when they absolutely have to prove to their fans and critics (most times one in the same) that they still have the passion that it takes to win in the NHLAnze Kopitar scored a goal. He scored it early in the first period. He scored it on the power play early in the first period. That’s it. Really, that’s all there is to write about. Everything else is stats and things that nobody cares about.

I was wrong when I accused Terry Murray of not getting the most out of this group of players. It seems that the blame falls on this group of players. They’re simply uninspired and it’s beyond frustrating to watch. Dean Lombardi has to do something and he has to do it now. The problem with this – the rest of the league knows that he has to do something now or he’s the next one out the door. “Win now” is the instruction he was given by ownership. Winning, it seems, is an odd night these days. One thing Dean has in his favor is assets. The assets that we all have high hopes for.

As far as I’m concerned, everyone (with the exception of Kopitar and Jonathan Quick) should be available. Trent HunterTrevor Lewis, and Andrei Loktionov should not be allowed back in the lineup. Loktionov should have been sent back to the Manchester Monarchs a long time ago because it’s been obvious that he’s not ready. Seriously, we’re icing, what, 12 centers per game and nobody is in the middle of the ice? Oh, wait, Lewis was in the center of the ice once and had a glorious chance and… shot it wide! There’s a phrase that we’ve all heard far too often in recent months.

Sorry, no more. I’m pissed and shouldn’t be writing right now. I’m thankful that I have an outlet to vent my frustration but, at the same time, I must control myself.


2 players from the Hurricanes scored. That’s it! That’s all it takes to beat this version of the Kings. If the Tampa Bay LightningFlorida PanthersNew York Islanders, and Dallas Stars can score 2 goals each, chances are the Kings are going 0-6 on this road trip. I’ll leave it there.

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