Los Angeles Kings Lose To Colorado Avalanche

The Los Angeles Kings were presented with yet another chance to distance themselves from the non-playoff teams on Saturday night as they took on the Colorado Avalanche at Staples Center. Let’s face it; I don’t want to write about this game and you probably don’t want to read about it. My objective is to bring out the bright parts and shed a little humor on the not-so-bright parts. Other than the Anze Kopitar goal, this was the most poorly played game for the Kings under coach Darryl Sutter and there aren’t many bright parts to shine a light on.

If the image below doesn’t piss you off, I don’t know what will. Cody McLeod – I repeat…….. CODY MCLEOD scored his third of the season, tying Dustin Penner in goals, I think. I’ve stopped thinking about Penner’s production, to be quite honest. Look at the last goal he scored and tell me how he scored it. Never-mind, I’ll tell you. He scored that goal because he had his big ass is the face of the goalie which is where his big ass should always be. Seriously, does anyone else cringe when he gets the puck and goes for that backwards pass that typically ends up going the other way for a scoring chance or a goal? I keep rooting for this guy, as I do all Kings players, but it’s getting harder and harder to understand why he’s still here. Oh wait, he’s still here because we have absolutely NOTHING to resort to on the left wing.

Slump Busters

(Photo by Noah Graham/NHLI via Getty Images)

I’m done. That’s all I have to write about. The Kings need to do some brainstorming and find a way to score goals, as has been said many times on many blogs. It’s ridiculous to watch this group of guys put up 1 or 2 goals a night. Oh, and 4 shots in the first period? Seriously? That’s not going to cut it against any team in the NHL. The bottom line here is they deserved to lose this game and they did lose this game and how does Jamie Kompon still have a job?

Sorry I didn’t include any humor, there just wasn’t any to be found.

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