Anaheim Ducks Team Preview

I hate the Ducks. I have hated them for a very long time, and the fact that this season both the Kings and the Ducks look like they may be in a position to drive towards the playoffs, it could be an intense season. At Fansided, we have a group of talented bloggers, and as much as I dislike the team, props are due where props are due. The Ducks Daily Blog has posted their season preview over on their site, and I encourage you to take a look and let them know what you think.

For my part, here’s a brief look at the Ducks as I see them this season:


November 16th – vs. Anaheim

November 17th – @ Anaheim

December 6th – @ Anaheim

December 22nd – vs. Anaheim

March 3rd – vs. Anaheim

March 16th – @ Anaheim

This is an easy preview for me. I hate the Ducks, and I wish them nothing but misery on the ice. That said, their results are going to be based on two things primarily. First, if Selanne comes back. If he signs for one more season, the Ducks will have another offensive force to help lift the burden on their younger stars. If not, the pressure could be intense, and more importantly, other teams will be able to key in on a single set of players and severely limit their offensive production. Second, Hiller. If you followed the Ducks at all last season, when Hiller went down with injuries, the Ducks took a pretty big hit. They struggled to keep goals out of their net, and Hiller is allegedly fully recovered. If that’s true, and he’s back to full-strength, great. If not… well, it could be a long season for Ducks fans.

So what’s your thought on the Ducks for this season?

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