Royal Ponderings - Part 1

This is going to be the first of a many part series, in which we ponder the factors that go into making the Kings the Kings. We’ll talk about things that have been on my mind, and you’ll get a chance to see what’s going on in my head when I ponder my Kings fandom. We would certainly love to hear your thoughts as well, either as responses to my ponderings, or ponderings of your very own.

So anyway, here we go…

  • We’ve covered extensively the collapses that the Kings have suffered over this entire year, and the playoffs were no exception. The Kings continue to falter when expectations are placed on them, and the entire hockey world continues to wonder why.
  • Last season the Kings were a dark horse pick to get to the Cup finals from some experts, and most everyone anticipated that they’d be in the top half of the conference. The question next year is going to be can the Kings live up to the expectations.
  • Cap space has been a well documented question for the Kings, and with several players including Doughty, Lewis, Simmonds, Richardson and Moller up for new contracts this off-season, it’s going to be a put up or shut up kind of year. If they can’t make it happen with this roster next season, it’s going to be time for some real changes to take place.
  • I don’t see the Kings making real roster moves this season. I know, people want the Kings to snag Brad Richards, and I’m sure Lombardi and the rest will make their play for him, but the Kings just don’t have the realistic space to accommodate him without dismantling the team in ways that I just don’t foresee. That’s not to say I’d be upset, just surprised.
  • If the Kings can get through this season without dismantling their roster, you’ve got to be pretty happy with their salary situation. The Kings have more than $18 million coming off the books after next season, which should give them a touch of breathing room.

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