Is Rooting For Ducks Treason?

As we all know by now (hopefully) the Kings dropped a big hammer on the playoff hopes of the Dallas Stars with a win yesterday afternoon. It was a well played game across the board, and put the Kings firmly in control of their destiny. In fact, one more win by the Kings in the next four games means they secure their spot in the playoffs. Certainly there are other factors that go into their seed, as well as potential (realistic potential frankly) that they could qualify for the playoffs even if they lose every one of the last four games. Though that’s not a path I would encourage.

However, despite the fact that a single loss by the Stars (against the Ducks today even) would lock in a playoff berth, I just can’t agree with Susan. I know, it’s shocking to some of you that writers on RinkRoyalty aren’t always 100% in agreement, but on this issue I just can’t budge. I’ve heard the reasons to root for the Ducks today, and the fact that the Kings would be in the playoffs for the second straight year if they win is certainly a silver lining if the Ducks happen to win. That said, I can’t do it. I hate the Ducks. I hate them so very much that I will only be truly satisfied the year they go 0-82. Even if that’s unlikely to happen, I can’t hope they win any particular game.

Sorry Susan, sorry Ducks fans (actually not. I can’t apologize to Ducks fans). I hope you lose against the Stars. Preferably lose embarrassingly badly. Here’s to a 10-0 drubbing in Anaheim tonight!

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