"Did that go by me again?" isn't a phrase heard anymore by Roberto Luongo: 2.23 GAA, .925 save percentage. 109 goals allowed this season. Improvement from last season, for sure.

One and Done

As for the Phoenix-LA game, a vital one in the standings, it was for the most part a game that offense forgot. (Of course, dummy, it was a 1-0 game). Not too boring at least. and probably what Coach Terry Murray wanted to see after the explosion of red lights when the Red Wings dropped by Monday.

Nice to see Jonathan Bernier in net, looked fast and sharp for the night (especially in the last three minutes), as the other Jonathan, Quick, has been in his Mr. Disaster phase in his Jekyll-Hyde game. Quick is starting to remind me of another goalie who puts up great stats in the regular season but has been known for some mega disastrous games that makes you go hm:

Noted King-killer Shane Doan was quiet, probably not into the whole hard shots thing after scaring the hell out of teammate and reserve goalie Jason LaBarbera with a shot to the throat which sent him to the hospital a few days ago. And good to see Willie Mitchell return to the ice after taking a blunt object to the face. However, getting outshot 6-0 to start the third was ugly. Not something you’d want to do against the NHL’s No. 1 squad, Vancouver, in the midst of an insanely competitive playoff race.

And on that note, Vancouver awaits.

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