Enough Royal Excuses – Kings Need To Step Up

This team might be one of the most frustrating teams I’ve followed in years. I’ve been a dedicated Kings fan for better than 20 years, and through the decades we’ve had many frustrating years. Playoff droughts, awful offenses, epic collapses, all kinds of frustration. That said, this season is one of the most frustrating in recent memory. A talented bunch of kids, coming in with some real promise and potential, building off a respectable performance last season with a solid (if not brilliant) playoff appearance, and what happens? It’s frustrating even to describe what has happened. I’ve spent two days pondering this post, because I don’t even know what to say at some point. The team is floundering, and something needs to change.

I hate to be the harbinger of doom, but I think Terry Murray is going to have to start looking in the mirror. The games aren’t won or lost by the coach (usually). They’re won and lost by the players. That said, the power play (one of the more coach-oriented aspects of the game) has been terrible, and the coaches haven’t appeared to do much to change it up. Maybe they need new players on the power play, maybe it’s a change of strategy, frankly I’m not sure but something needs to change. Terry Murray might not be entirely to blame, but he is an easy scapegoat, and he may be the simplest way of shaking this team out of their current rut.

So what do the Kings need to do to make the playoffs? I’d say if they win about 20 games between now and the end of the season, they should make the playoffs, but they’ll need to snap out of their terrible play if they want to make it that far.

What do you think needs to change for the Kings to get back into the win column?

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  • West Coast Ram

    They need to ride out the rest of the season and then in the offseason retool the entire offense. This dump and chase crap is horrible to watch but is the only thing that they can do with such limeted offensive players. Keep Kopi and Brown up front and the rest of the forwards can go.

  • http://www.theIEsolution.com Gavin Humes

    That’s probably more dramatic than I think they’re going to do, but I agree with the sentiment. I’d keep Brown, Kopitar, Simmonds, Clifford, Lewis, and probably Richardson to start. I’m not sure we can replace Smyth with anyone better, same goes for Williams and Handzus at least… good thoughts though.