Sucks to Be A Canuck

Or at least a fan at a Canucks game… If you’ve been living under a rock (or maybe just missed it recently), Rick Rypien is an idiot.

That’s pretty much the only way to describe what happened in this incident, when after an on-ice brawl, Rypien decided to take his aggression out on a Wild fan near the walkway to the dressing room. Yikes. And of course then the stadium security gave the fan the boot. Usually I’ll watch these kinds of clips with the sound off, because I can’t stand the ridiculous commentators. But in this case (thanks Puck Daddy) you’ve got to hear them. Ludicrous attempts to blame the clearly innocent fan seem desperate and a little pathetic… Clearly he didn’t do anything wrong in this case, and if he said something “rude”? Well hell, Rypien should probably learn to control his temper just a bit.

Anyway, now we’re into the debate on how long he gets suspended. I’ve got to imagine the number will be somewhere around 7 games, though it wouldn’t shock me for him to get as high as 10 games for the incident. The NHL doesn’t tolerate these kinds of things very well, and they could try to send a message. My bigger concern is what are they going to do for the poor fan? He got booted from the game just like Rypien, but didn’t seem to do anything at all! Hopefully the Wild franchise makes it up to him in a big way. How many games do you think Rypien deserved? More importantly what should Minnesota do to make it up to the poor fan?

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