Kings Rookie Camp Disaster

The two games against the Phoenix Coyotes were little short of a disaster. The Los Angeles Kings were unable to generate anything at all in the second game, and frittered away a healthy lead in the first game. It was a miserable performance, and though I’m loathe to report too intensely on games I have been unable to watch personally (2nd hand reports are notoriously unreliable), these are some terrible results.

In the first game, the Kings jumped out to a healthy lead, behind goals from Thomas Hickey, Kyle Clifford, Jordan Weal and Robbie Czarnik, but were unable to hold that lead, eventually heading to a shootout. Sure the Kings eventually won the game, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking it was a big result. It was a disappointing end to what appears to have been a game with some serious negatives.

The second game was much, much worse. After resting some of the “reliable” rookies in favor of some that have more to gain, the Kings got dominated. They gave up 6 goals before regaining a pity goal from Jordan Weal (his 2nd in two games… silver lining?) and ultimately losing 7-1. The special teams in particular were terrible. The Kings went 0-10 on the powerplay over the two games, and only managed to kill 1 of 5 penalties against. Ouch.

I don’t have much else to say, since the games were not televised, and I’m unwilling to speculate entirely based on statistics, but suffice it to say the Kings will need to play better, and these rookies will need to step up their game if they want to make the big squad this fall.

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  • Dominick


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  • Reed Kaufman

    You’re not willing to speculate except to say that it was a disaster?

    • Gavin Humes

      Fair point actually, but to clarify my point just a bit. I won’t speculate on specific players and their game. The result of the game I maintain was “little short of a disaster,” but I can’t call out any particular players (positively or negatively) without seeing the games.

  • John B

    Seriously what did you expect? A group of guys that have never played together as a team, get a few days of work outs in and then get on a bus for 6hrs and go play another rookie team weeks before anyone’s season starts in anger. Ok, so following your logic we have a major problem ’cause our rookies apparently suck based on 4 days of skates at camp, two very early season games and a lack of cohesion.

    Duh, you are so righ. Lets fire all the scouts because they suck (Drew was a lucky guess then), fire Dean because the buck stops with him and lets trade away everyone until we find a team that gets you two wins over the Coyotes kids. Dear God, another reason why the power to blog does not a hockey expert make. Idiot.

  • Neil Ellis Shafton

    You have to be kidding me! You really think rookie camp has any impact or is a indication of how the team is going to perform during the NHL season?
    Makes sense, you blog, because you have no clue what you are talking about.
    This whole excercise is just a way for the teams coaching staff and management can evaluate the players who are either drafted players, undrafted free agent players who have been offerred a contract, or who have been given an inviation to attend the traning camp of the respective teams.
    These aren’t even games, more a scrimmage to see what they have and give the coaches and management an idea of who might be making a serious run at a roster spot to begin the season in the NHL.
    After this, players will go to the real pre-season camp, with all of the players. This will also again be a further test to determine where a player should be.
    These players will either be cut and released, sent back to their major junior team if eligible, or sent to either the ECHL or AHL if they don’t make the NHL roster to start the season.
    There is nothing in this camp that is a glimpse into what the NHL team will be like going into the NHL season. If you honestly believe this, then maybe this is why you blog and aren’t a beat writer for a specific NHL team.
    The idea that you would provoke educated hockey fans by claiming rookie camp a disaster pretty much explains that you have no clue what you are talking about.
    Maybe you can approach the NHL and pitch an idea, of you becoming the Harvey Levin of the hockey world and get you a show like TMZ which is about as informative and credible as your knowledge of hockey as a sport.

  • bz

    A little early on pulling the plug. Unless you are aware of what the coaches were trying to achieve. On the face of it, flat, yes.

    As for the 1st game. Yes the Kings built a lead, Phoenix allowed the Kings to build a lead. The Kings couldn’t hold a lead, Phoenix came back to tie the game.

    Which is it? Its all in the reporting.

  • Gavin Humes

    You people have some strange concerns:
    1)I don’t think this has any bearing on the actual results of the NHL season this year. The closest I got was saying the rookies will need to play better to make the team. If you disagree, fine. But you are mistaken.
    2)I am actually quite high on most of our rookies, and think they’ll mature. Sure they didn’t get much work together, but neither did the Coyotes, and they got out played. Plain and simple.
    3)If this was rookie players, playing against professional, NHL ready players, the defeat might not be as embarrassing (disappointing maybe, but not embarrassing). It wasn’t. It was against other players from other teams at the SAME LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT.
    4)Finally, this game isn’t a damning result of how they will ever develop, but if you look at a 7-1 drubbing at the hands of allegedly equal players and don’t say, “Hey, that sucked. They’re going to need to do better than that.” Then I guess I’m not sure what else needs to be said.

  • Quisp

    That’s stupid. Though it did remind me to unsubscribe from your emails.

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