2010-2011 Team Preview - Anaheim Ducks

So this is the beginning of a series of posts that we’re going to start putting together as the season rapidly (and thankfully) approaches. We are going to be taking a look at each of the teams in the league to get a glimpse of what we may see when the Kings match up against them this season. Some teams have stayed basically the same, others have had pretty dramatic overhauls. And still others have done very little, but done it with a lot of noise. We’ll start with the hated Anaheim Ducks.


The Ducks suck. Let’s be honest, they pretty much always suck. Even when they’re playing well, they still suck. It’s not hard to hate a team that’s based off a Disney movie, and as much as they desperately try to escape that legacy, it’s a done deal. They’re stuck with it, and they’ve got no chance of getting away. Fortunately for those of us who take pleasure in the downfall of our next door neighbor rivals, this season they look prepared to suck on both a philosophical and practical level.

Key Players:

Bobby Ryan (oops), Ryan Getzlaf, Lubomir Visnovsky, Joffrey Lupul, Teemu Selanne


The Ducks actually have a quasi-respectable offense, at least at the top end. Bobby Ryan (if he actually plays this season) has some skill, as do Getzlaf, Lupul and Selanne. In fact, if you look at the list of “key players” above, you might notice that they’re all offensive players. Even their defenseman on the list (Visnovsky) is an offensive defenseman. Of course they’re stuck playing some schmuck like George Parros, which is an… interesting decision. Then again, with Ivanans the last couple years, I’m not sure we have much room to talk.


A couple years back the Ducks boasted Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer on their blueline. Now? Not so much. There is a gaping hole where Niedermayer and his leadership used to reside, and it’s unclear if the Ducks will be able to do much (anything) to recover. Only time will tell, but frankly it looks like this team is going to be leaking goals. Especially with Jonas Hiller in net. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not the WORST keeper in the league, and can occasionally throw down a legit game. But in all, he’s far from brilliant, and is not going to be sufficient to save this defense.


Honestly I see the Ducks ending up at or near the bottom of the Pacific Division. They might sneak past the Stars, but frankly I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’ll put the Ducks at 11th in the Western Conference, with a pleasing crash and burn season. It’ll be fun to watch (unless you’re from Anaheim), but it won’t be “good hockey.”

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  • Dominick

    Their Defense is pretty suspect. I think Lupul is still hurt, and by the time he starts playing and gets into a rythem, we’ll be well into the season. Bobby Ryan is a big question mark also. If he’s not signed I see them tanking around the 2nd month, when teams start looking at their last 10 games to figure out their system.

    I would actually love to see this team do well so we could destroy them in the playoffs, but it just seems that we’re destined to exist on a teeder todder. One’s up, the other’s down, and right now there the fat kid.

  • Dominick

    Hey just for fun, you guys should go to some Ducks sites, and leave a link. I’m sure Ducksfans would love it.

  • Brendon

    So Ducks have always sucked huh? Where is LA’s Stanley Cup again? When was the last time the Kings won a playoff round again? Hahahaha Kings suck!

  • http://ducksdailyblog.com Susan su-kim Lee

    Talk about Jumping the Shark…the waterfowl have Bobby back in the fold for five years and even though our D isn’t the strongest, it will prevail. Scotty has made Cam Fowler his personal project and we’ve got the runaway train that is Emerson Etem as well. However, I do agree with you with regard to Hillsey. We need the kid from Moosejaw!

    And it doesn’t matter how much anyone says the Ducks suck, we still have the chant of SO, WHERE’S YOUR CUP!?!?!?!?!


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