Who Is On The Kings Trade Block?

NEWARK, NJ - JANUARY 31: Oscar Moller #9 of the Los Angeles Kings skates against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center on January 31, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey. The Kings defeated the Devils 3-2. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

As a trade seems more and more likely from Lombardi and company, the question must be asked, who is on the trade block for the Kings? With Kaberle’s no trade clause kicking back in on August 15th, Brian Burke will have to move him soon, if he’s going to unload him this off-season. The impending deadline has led to significant rumors that the Kings are one of the prime contenders, as even Ruben’s previous article illustrates. Fortunately it looks like Lombardi is sticking t0 his guns and refusing to give up the farm for a defender who is NOT one of the top 10 defensemen in the league (not even close).

So if he’s not going to unload his superstars in the making, who is on the trade block? Well by my count there are only a handful of players that can legitimately be considered “on the block.” Though of course nobody is untouchable (literally, the very idea is ludicrous) if the right offer comes knocking. The players on the block with some analysis, are below:

Erik Ersberg – Poor guy just doesn’t fit on the team. He’s a talented keeper, if a bit on the small side. Unfortunately he got squeezed out by a unexpected performance by Quick a couple years back, and with Bernier knocking on the door, he’s on his way out. It doesn’t look like he’ll be worth much on the trade market, but they might swing a late draft pick for him. Otherwise I’d expect to see him on waivers come fall.

Scott Parse – The kid needs to step up this season. As we’ve pointed out before, this year he may get a legitimate chance to perform as a top-6 player, and if he shows up he could be crucial this season. However he’s not of much value at the moment, which tragically also limits what he can bring in a trade. I don’t see him being actively shopped (like Ersberg), but he is a strong bet to be in a larger package deal for an established scorer or potentially defenseman.

Oscar Moller -Maybe the most shoppable prospect in the ranks at the moment, Moller has shown glimpses of real offensive potential. He’s not a big guy, which is what has hurt him the last few times he has made appearances in the NHL. Despite that fact, he’s got some real leadership potential, and is a legitimate “winner” at every level. He’s the kind of talented youngster who may make a push for the roster this fall, but could just as easily be dealt in a package for Kaberle or another talented veteran.

Justin Williams – I really don’t see Williams being moved, and his injury history makes him another example of a player who is not at the apex of his value. That being said, he’s a viable candidate to be moved in a deal that brings back a stronger winger for the top lines. In the end I still think we see him with the Kings in October, but is definitely a candidate for movement.

Those are all players I’d be alright saying goodbye to, depending on what we get back of course. Are there any I missed? Who should the Kings be dealing now?

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  • Ross

    ” for a defender who is NOT one of the top 10 defensemen in the league (not even close)”

    Do your homework before posting. Thomas Kaberle was tided in 8th for points (49 points) last year with Nicklas Lidstrom and Mark Streit.

    Why on Earth would the Maple Leafs take on a goalie like Erik Ersberg when they have: JEAN-SEBASTIEN GIGUERE, JONAS GUSTAVSSON and JUSSI RYNNAS, along with Joey MacDonald and James Reimer in the minors?

    • http://www.theIEsolution.com Gavin Humes

      Couple points. First, points do not equal talent. To go along with his 49 points (a respectable total to be sure) he’s got a -16. Not to mention the fact that he’s just not as positionally sound as some of the other options out there. We don’t desperately need a puck moving defenseman, and though he wouldn’t hurt, there are players I’d rather have. Second (even less debatable than the first), I never suggested the Leafs have any interest in Ersberg. He’s just a player on the trade block, and if you don’t think the Kings are looking to shop him… well, I respectfully disagree.

      • Ross

        You must keep in mind the team Kaberle was playing on last year. Plus, he’s stated that he wants to play in the East. No Western team is giving Burke what he wants, with Kaberle having only 1 year left on contract (unless a sign-and-trade is made).

        You cannot argue that averaging 51.6 points in 5 seasons on a non-playoff bound team doesn’t justify his worth as an offensive d-man.

    • Ruben Segura

      The article was titled “Who Is On The Kings Trade Block?” not “Who can we trade to Toronto?” Lombardi is well aware that Kaberle has opening stated he wants to be on the east coast and that 2010-2011 is the final season on his contract. This is why he’s sending Burke, allegedly sending Burke, these low ball offers. He’s probably thinking if he sends him a good enough prospect, maybe he can draw a very, very good defensive leader.

      I agree Kaberle is in the offensive defenseman category and thats not what the Kings need but if you can get a great player, why not give it a shot.

  • Dominick

    Not to say that DL isn’t looking into it, but we need a stay at home shut down type.If DL can get him by off loading players that we can replace I’m sure some of these players would be in play some how.I don’t think right now(at least till sunday) he has a choice.

  • steve

    Kablerle not a top 10?????? he is a +27 for his career playing on a sub par team for all of it and puts up numbers to boot. He is a natural QB for the powerplay and is one of the most calm and steady puck movers in the league.

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