New Contract for Drew Doughty?

So we’ve been hearing about Kovalchuk and his deal for a while now. In hockey circles he has been the center of attention for nearly three consecutive weeks. And despite the fact that we are certainly getting ready to move on to the next big issue facing the Los Angeles Kings, we have to get one last hit in. The Kovalchuk contract was huge. $102 million for 17 years. That means he’s (allegedly) playing until he’s 44 years old. Let’s all say it together – “That’s not happening.” I realize Kovalchuk paid lip service to “hoping” he will be able to play that long, but let’s not kid ourselves. If he was planning on it, there is NO WAY the deal would be for the league minimum in those final seasons. But they are, because he’s retiring.

If ever there was a reason to declare this contract null and void, this ludicrous offer is precisely it. There have been other bad ones, including Pronger, etc. But if this is acceptable, then screw it. Here’s my offer for Doughty.

Doughty is 21. Let’s give him a contract for 50 years:

2011-2013 – $4 million

2013-2014 – $6 million

2014-2020 – $7 million

2020-2023 – $7.5 million

2023-2026 – $5 million

2026-2060 – $550,000

That will give him a nice fat contract worth about $112 million. Plus, the cap hit comes in at about $2.3 million. That’s nice. We could sign the greatest team ever to surround him since he’s basically free, and hell he’ll retire before he turns 70 anyway (probably). Anyone see a problem with this? Yea… me either.

Anyway, so who won this deal for Kovy? Speak up below in the comments and let me know your thoughts.

  1. Ilya Kovalchuk – The kid got $100 million. That’s not too shabby. He does have to play in New Jersey (bummer) but a little protection money will go a long way for him. Plus I hear the Jersey Shore is all the rage right about now…
  2. New Jersey Devils – They’ve locked up one of the most electric players in the game for the duration of his career (and several years beyond that). He’s marketable, skilled and seemingly at least relatively personable.
  3. Los Angeles Kings – They dodged a bullet here. An offensive only player that might have cost them resigning one of their numerous young stars in Doughty, Simmonds, Johnson or others?
  4. NHL – They got more attention with this drama than they’ve had in years. Hell there was probably more attention paid on this issue during the mainstream media than there was during the Cup Finals. OK that’s maybe a slight exaggeration, but no question this is the most attention paid to the NHL in July in decades.
  5. Nobody won. This was a drawn-out, dramatic, hellish negotiations process and we all lose. Screw them all I never want to have a FA season like this one…

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