C'mon Kovalchuk, Make A Decision

NEWARK, NJ - FEBRUARY 05: Ilya Kovalchuk #17 of the New Jersey Devils salutes the crowd after being named a star of the game against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Prudential Center on February 5, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey. The Devils defeated the Leafs 4-3. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Good god man. As the drama stretches out into the second week, Kovalchuk has yet to make a decision. Will he sign with the Los Angeles Kings? As of last week, the answer was no. The reports coming out of the Los Angeles Kings were that he rejected their best offer and they had to move forward. So was that the end of it? Of course not. According to sources, the Kovalchuk camp provided a counter offer to Los Angeles today which Dean Lombardi and company are now mulling over.

So one day he’s in Los Angeles, it’s almost a sure thing. Then maybe he’s going to stick with New Jersey. Heck a few days ago there were reports that he had already signed in New Jersey (obviously false). Then he might go to the KHL. Now he wants back into Los Angeles. For the love of all that is holy Kovy, JUST PICK SOMETHING. Frankly, although I think (know) he’d make our team better, I’m sick of all this wishy-washy stuff. I recognize it’s mostly just posers and posturing, but still. It’s a pain in my neck.

Especially because I have to write a freaking blog post about it every freaking time, and nobody wants to read about it. Actually that’s not true. Every time I write a post that mentions Kovalchuk readership spikes… but still. Just sign somewhere, we’ll all write about what a terrible (or brilliant) choice it was, and move on with our lives.

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  • Dominick

    I wrote this on another blog,but I think it applies here as well.

    I believe the Kings offer is low ,by anyones standards,for a talent of his caliber.Your absolutely right about DL’s commitment to his younger players.I think the Devils have made a simular offer to go low so that they could keep Parise,and others.His only other choice is the KHL.

    The choice is Kovi’s wether to take it,but now Kovi’s in a bind because he has to either except a lower than market value,or leave the country.No one will pay 10 mill.(especially the Kings).

    Also love the articles of some of the young guys,that you’ve done.Excellent work.

  • http://www.theIEsolution.com Gavin Humes

    I agree. Apparently the Kings offered him $63 million over 12 years, for a cap hit of only $5.25 million. Let’s put it this way: If Lombardi can get Kovalchuk under contract for under $5.5 million he might be a candidate for a seriously long-term contract. Give him the $4 million he saved us from Kovalchuk (since it doesn’t count against the cap anyway!)