Blackhawks Dump Flyers

Congratulations to the Blackhawks for winning one of the ugliest games of hockey played this post season. In case you’re unaware, the Blackhawks defeasted the Flyers 6-5 in a terribly played, poorly disciplined game of hockey. It was worrisome if you’re the Flyers, because even when you managed to net five goals, and avoid the penalty box entirely, they were still unable to steal a win in Chicago.

On top of the offensive “outburst” from Philadelphia, the Blackhawks not only responded, but did it effectively without their top players! The first line for Chicago combined for 0 goals, and even more frighteningly, a combined minus 9. That’s crazy insane bad, and certainly something they’ll need to turn around. In all likelihood that change will come in the next game on Monday, and that will spell the likely end for the upstart Flyers. At the very least that’s the hope that all who hate the Flyers are going for. Well, that and some great hockey! Who are you rooting for? And keep in mind, if the Blackhawks win, the Kings will have the longest Stanley Cup drought in the game… won’t that be something to get excited about.

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  • Dominick

    At least it’s not SJ vs Montreal.Interesting point about the Blackhawks #1 line.If the Flyers can shut down the rest of the other Blackhawks lines we’ve got a series.
    The key will be Leighton,and how he responds to coming off a sub par game.We already know the Blackhawks are perfectly happy winning 6-5.The Flyers can’t play that way and sustain it.

  • Gavin Humes

    I wouldn’t say they’re happy winning 6-5, have you seen some of the post-game comments coming out of their locker room? Of course your sentiment seems about right, since they can definitely handle a shootout type of game, and the Flyers won’t be able to long term.