Born in the USA!

Congrats to the Blackhawks, who closed out the series against the Canucks last night with a 5-1 win in game 6. Tonight we’ll see the winner of the Canadians (yuk) v. Penguins series, as well as a potential end to the Bruins v. Flyers series. It should be a good night for hockey all around. For now, enjoy these video clips with my compliments!

Just for your viewing pleasure, this is an entertaining video showing some of the better moments from the past season for the Kings. I’m completely incapable of putting together video compilations, so this is courtesy of youtube, but it’s enjoyable to be sure. It’s always nice to remember some of these goals and yearn desperately for hockey to return to Los Angeles (c’mon September!)

And while searching for the last video, I stumbled across this one. Drew Doughty singning “Born in the USA” – if wishing made it so…

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