Monarchs = Kings?

Phoenix Coyotes v Los Angeles Kings

I feel like I’m watching a replay of the Kings playoff series. So far in Round 2, the Manchester Monarchs have followed the same pattern as the Kings. Lose game 1, win games 2 and 3, and lose game 4. Can the Monarchs break the streak and make their own path? Or are we going to witness another Kings franchise affiliate wipe-out in the playoffs?

Well let’s take a look at the last two games and see if there’s anything positive we can get from those couple matches. In Game 3, the Monarchs put down a pretty solid beating on the Worcester Sharks, winning 5-0. With two goals from Trevor Lewis, and a goal from Gabe Gauthier, Corey Elkins and David Meckler, the offense was firing. Perhaps more importantly for the playoffs was the defense. The Monarchs held the Sharks to only 26 shots, and Bernier stopped every one of them. Obviously if the other team can’t score, the game is pretty much over. No question the Monarchs were looking at Game 4 and hoping for a repeat performance.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. In what was clearly a much closer game, the Monarchs dropped game 4 by a score of 3-2. Though the Monarchs got goals from Justin Azevedo and Gabe Gauthier, they gave up 36 shots, and Bernier stopped only 33 of them. The devastating part of this game was reflected when the Monarchs coughed up a 2-1 lead going into the third period, including the back breaker with 33 seconds remaining.

Game 5 will take place on Wednesday, and will be the opportunity that we all get to see how the Monarch bounce back. Will they fold like a cheap table? Or will they rebound with a strong performance. Just as in the Kings – Canucks series, game 5 is going to be an important one. Who do you see winning the next one? The series?

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